Re: Concurrent Input Mechanisms

On 04/08/2017 16:32, Andrew Kirkpatrick wrote:
> Patrick,
> I agree that this is what we are trying to address, but the question has been raised asking for specific examples. Is there a specific case of your classic example that you can point to?

Whenever I come across sites that do this, I usually let the devs know 
and they fix can't think of a live example off-hand where this 

I have a short video demonstrating one of these types of issues (mouse 
not working anymore on touch-enabled laptop, but only for a particular 
feature not the entire page/site) here (sadly the audio is out of 
sync with the video, but hopefully gives an idea)...but after speaking 
to the folks at Flickr they fixed it...

Similarly in frameworks like Bootstrap, where I file fixes

In short, can't currently point the finger at any site that has this 
actual problem right now, but it IS a problem that's out there.

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