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As you may remember we were meant to review the SC's and put our comments into the  issues in github after the deadline last December. 
Some people did an excellent job doing so but most people did not, making it really hard for us to know what SC's were likely to get though. Getting new comments when it gets to survey makes the process much harder for us.

It is late but it would still be helpful if people could add their comments as soon as possible to the issues that David has identified bellow.

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Subject : SCs to cover in August
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I've revised my review of the SCs 
(note: my observations,*not* official from chairs etc)

>From what I can tell there are 12 SCs (and one conformance amendment) that stakeholder want to consider for inclusion in the next 4 weeks, that are actively being worked on.

- 7 are from COGA
- 2 from MobileTF
- 1 from ePUB (1 conformance amendment)
- 1 from LVTF

Minimize user errors 13 
Timeouts 14 
Pointer gestures 61 
Pointer inputs with additional sensors 66 
Extra Symbols 50 
Undo 38 
Support Personalization (Minimum) 6 
Meaningful Set 312 
MetaData for ePub, in conformance section 82 
Plain language (Miniumum) 30 
Popup Interference 75 
Error Prevention (Legal, Financial, Data) 33 
Animation from interactions 18 

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