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Thanks David.
+1 to Matt.
Default reading order across a set of files is an important characteristic of Web Publications, which is being developed under Publishing Working Group.

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Thanks, David. Yes, this is important for epub, but also for the ongoing work on the Web Publications specification. There needs to be at least one logical sequence through a publication across page boundaries. For EPUB, we've been equating 1.3.2 with what is called the "spine", but having this more explicitly detailed for a set of web pages will really help.




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Subject: EPUB SC Meaningful set.


This is actually not a new. It's been sitting at Issue 162 since March 8.


EPUB has asked what we can do to get it moving. Since they don't have representation on our group it has fallen through the cracks. It is a simple amendment to 1.3.2 to ensure meaningful sequence applies not only at the page level but for sets of pages (i.e., an epub document).


I created a new ISSUE in the format of a new SC,


and also created the Pull request for the new SC.


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