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On 26/07/2017 19:18, Repsher, Stephen J wrote:
> I thought a little more about the recent CFC which passed to add a 
> note to the “Full Page” conformance requirement.  I realized that we 
> probably do need a success criterion in addition to this note in order 
> to fully address user needs.
> The issue fixed by the added note makes it clear that all versions of 
> the page that have a programmatic dependence need to conform in order 
> for the “full page” to conform.  However, what if those different 
> versions have significantly different content or functionality?  
> Taking extreme examples:
> 1.I display “Sorry, your viewport needs to be at least X by Y to use 
> this app” instead of the working app itself to small screens

This would fail (if accepted) the new SC for Orientation

[Steve] How, exactly?  It has nothing to do with portrait or landscape.

> 2.I display “You need to be using Internet Explorer to perform this 
> function”

This would affect all users. Not just users with disabilities. So it's not a concern of WCAG I'd say.
[Steve] Much of WCAG can affect all users, but WCAG is about disproportionate effects to users with disabilities.  Given the often spotty support of assistive technologies across user agents, and the steep learning curves to fully utilize them, I'd say there's a good case for those effects being disproportionate.

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