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RE: Alastair, Jan, Jason , myself and John have an updated version of

From: lisa.seeman <lisa.seeman@zoho.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2017 09:39:40 +0300
To: Jonathan Avila <jon.avila@levelaccess.com>
Cc: "John Foliot" <john.foliot@deque.com>, "W3c-Wai-Gl-Request@W3. Org" <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
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 Can you add this to the issue so we do not lose it on the email thread? (It is issue #6)

All the best

Lisa Seeman

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---- On Sun, 23 Jul 2017 21:21:36 +0300 Jonathan Avila&lt;jon.avila@levelaccess.com&gt; wrote ---- 

    Another thing I might add to this good list is the default button.  Sometimes it’s not clear what the default button is in a form.  Often the default button will be triggered by pressing enter – but knowing the default button could also be helpful for people who want to accept the default choice because they are not sure. This might go beyond buttons to other choices as well.
  From: John Foliot [mailto:john.foliot@deque.com] 
 Sent: Friday, July 21, 2017 2:19 PM
 To: lisa.seeman &lt;lisa.seeman@zoho.com&gt;
 Cc: W3c-Wai-Gl-Request@W3. Org &lt;w3c-wai-gl@w3.org&gt;
 Subject: Re: Alastair, Jan, Jason , myself and John have an updated version of
   With the following draft definition added:
  Draft list of Conventional Controls:
  (note: we may be able to whittle this list down a bit - for a larger group discussion)
  Form inputs: 
   ·  name (corresponds to both first and family), 
  ·  first name, 
  ·  family name, 
  ·  initial, 
  ·  phone (corresponds to a user phone number), 
  ·  cell phone, 
  ·  address 1, 
  ·  city, 
  ·  state, 
  ·  country, 
  ·  post code, 
  ·  credit card,
  ·  credit card security code,  
  ·  dates: expiry date, birth date, today's date, date start, date end
  ·  calendar data: day, *month, *year,
  Buttons or controls (content editing): 
   ·  compose, 
  ·  delete, 
  ·  next, 
  ·  previous, 
  ·  submit, 
  ·  undo, 
  ·  cancel, 
  ·  buy, 
  ·  add label, 
  ·  move, 
  ·  view, 
  ·  save, 
  ·  send, 
  ·  received, 
  ·  sent, 
  ·  edit, 
  ·  reply, 
  ·  forward, 
  ·  my profile, 
  ·  upload, 
  ·  close, 
  ·  more, 
  ·  calendar, 
  ·  entry, 
  ·  expand, 
  ·  unexpanded, 
  ·  open, 
  ·  new, 
  ·  print, 
  ·  settings, 
  ·  mode, 
  ·  higher, 
  ·  lower.
  Buttons or controls (navigation): 
   ·  home, 
  ·  contact us, 
  ·  our phone, 
  ·  our email, 
  ·  site map, 
  ·  help, 
  ·  about us, 
  ·  terms, 
  ·  tools, 
  ·  comment, 
  ·  language, 
  ·  sign in, 
  ·  sign up, 
  ·  product, 
  ·  services, 
  ·  social, 
  ·  post, 
  ·  contact us, 
  ·  help, 
  ·  chat help,
  On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 11:20 AM, lisa.seeman &lt;lisa.seeman@zoho.com&gt; wrote:
      Hi Folks
  Alastair, Jan, Jason and John have an updated version  of personlization support 
  At AA
  Purpose of controls: In content implemented using mark-up languages, conventional controls can be programmatically determined. (AA)
  At AAA
  we would like 
   In content implemented using markup languages, the function and context information of controls and regions can be programmatically determined using a publicly available vocabulary.
  Upgrade and change 3.3.5 to AA -  Context-sensitive help is available for non-conventional controls  (this would included having a explanation)
  All the best
 Lisa Seeman
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                  John Foliot
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 Deque Systems Inc.
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