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Yes this is also my thinking on the issue. I think Lisa may have had several hopes for the SC. Let me see if I can articulate them.

  1.  Ensure a  "conventional name" is used across sites and across the web
  2.  Ensure these can be programmatically determined to add symbols, and streamline content so stuff can be dropped off the page to simplify it.
  3.  Add context when it is not obvious what the thing is or does. This could be prose and/or programmatic. This is a little ambiguous right now.
[Jason] In the aria-keyshortcut property there is a formal vocabulary used to specify the key bindings associated with a UI component. Currently, you cannot associate explanatory text with each of the shortcuts, but adding this capability would be a consistent extension to what ARIA already defines.
We could then add a similar capability to associate explanatory text with pointer events or touch events. This obviously demands more work, but it seems achievable in principle. AT could then present this information appropriately to users, in a consistent fashion, as a kind of cognitive support.
A further step would be to enable assistive technology to enumerate the actions associated with a UI component, and to activate any of them programmatically, as is supported by some operating system accessibility APIs (e.g., ATK/AT-SPI).
Once this is demonstrated and well on a path to standardization, we could require the use of such capabilities in WCAG.


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