Re: Question about 1.2.4 Captions (Live) (AA) and 1.2.9 Audio-only (Live) (AAA)

I would guess the cleanest change to address this would be to to promote 
1.2.9 from AAA to AA (technically, if live audio as part of 
multimedia/sync'd media/video presentation needs to have captions, then 
so should audio-only - captions or some other form of alternative - as 
the effort required would be same or arguably even lower than injecting 
captions into multimedia/video).



On 11/07/2017 15:42, Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
> On 11/07/2017 15:07, Andrew Kirkpatrick wrote:
>> Patrick,
>> I don’t remember the conversation around this specifically, but I do 
>> recall there being a lot of concern even about live captions for 
>> synchronized media at AA, so this may have been a compromise.
>> I can vaguely recall discussion (but may be misremembering) around the 
>> volume of audio content that online radio stations and other 
>> continuous broadcasters put out, so it may have been done in response 
>> to comments. I do see that 1.2.9 was added between CR and PR, but 
>> don’t see anything in a quick scan of the minutes.
> Thanks Andrew. Wondering if this is something that could/should be 
> looked at for WCAG 2.1. Currently, this seems weirdly unbalanced - and 
> as the volume of sync'd media, even just live videos with audio, is 
> becoming more and more common (while at the time of WCAG 2 it may have 
> been more of a rarity?) this will probably start to cause issues or 
> result in weird loopholes. (For instance, if faced with decision of 
> whether to just stream audio or do an audio+video stream, some 
> developers/publishers may opt to just to audio-only since that then has 
> no captioning/alternative requirement under AA - and yes, while 1.1.1 
> does have a tiny mention about live audio, "text alternatives at least 
> provide descriptive identification of the non-text content" means that 
> all that would be required to pass here too is a simple "there's some 
> live audio here..." type short description).
> P

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