Re: Adapting Text Units: Spaces, paragraphs, and ems

+1 to Stephen’s recommendations.

Discussing type/font size/width/height is a minefield, I think that’s the best path.

From: "Repsher, Stephen J" <>

Hi John,

That’s actually incorrect with regard to letter and word spacing.  It’s a factor on font size (height in your proposal) just like the rest.  Given that “font height” is not language used in any spec or software I’m aware of, I think we should stick to “font size”, which is universally understood.

I still have concerns about testability and the need for testing it at all, but we can see what the public says.  One change that I do think we need to make is to remove the “(2 lines)” from the 2nd bullet.  It makes it seem like a “line” is equal to the font size, which is not true.  Simplify to:

2. spacing underneath paragraphs to at least 2 times the font size


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