RE: Moving Issues 62, 63, 71 to the conformance section

Thanks, David – see further comments below.

From: David MacDonald []

I like your second condition, adding an "AND" for different AT in those environments.

 Regarding the first condition, Gregg expressed concern regarding using broad strokes for the customized view. He suggested we limit it to "size". He was nervous that there might be customized delivery of content such information spoken in a car etc, that by its very nature could not meet the conformance language and inhibit adoption of the standard.
[Jason] I would like to see good examples of this that would meet both of my conditions and which would raise difficulties.

So if I was to take your proposal and adjust it to size, it would look something like this.

If (1) the content includes features that adapt its presentation or functionality based on screen sizes in specific hardware or software environments, and (2) different user agents or assistive technologies are in use in each of these respective environments, then the ways in which technologies are relied upon to satisfy the success criteria are only accessibility-supported if they are compatible with user agents and assistive technologies in each of the environments for which adaptations are provided.

However, arguing against myself, your proposal  does limit the scope to environments with different AT. If there is no AT for that environment, then maybe your language is OK.
[Jason] Yes, I’m in favor of mentioning screen size, if at all, only as an example. Both of the conditions do need to be met for the proposal to apply, and it only clarifies (at most, expands) the nature of the compatibility guarantee.


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