Re: Adapting Text Units: Spaces, paragraphs, and ems

On 12/07/2017 10:21 AM, Laura Carlson wrote:
>> Do we have a normal way of saying: This is the definition from elsewhere
>> (e.g. CSS3) whilst quoting it?
> I don't know. Perhaps Micheal Cooper will know. Micheal?
The way I handled this in some editorial work I did earlier can be seen 
in the definitions for CSS pixel and display orientation. In short, 
point to the spec to say the definition comes from there, and also put 
in a formal reference to the spec by putting its shortname in double 
brackets like [[css]] which the script will turn into an official 
reference. The shortname is the part after the TR in the latest version 
URI, e.g., for WCAG 2.1 it's "WCAG21". Most likely the reference should 
be a "normative" reference, so put an exclamation mark at the start 
inside the brackets, like [[!css]], and the script will handle 
appropriately. That's what I did for those other terms.


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