Question about 1.2.4 Captions (Live) (AA) and 1.2.9 Audio-only (Live) (AAA)

A quick question about current WCAG 2.0, we have

1.2.4 Captions (Live): Captions are provided for all live audio content 
in synchronized media. (Level AA)

My understanding here is that since it's about captions, and 
synchronized media, this does not apply to audio-only (live) content. 
And in fact, at level AA, there's nothing about providing any 
alternative for live audio-only content...only at AAA with 1.2.9?

If so, this seems strange to me. Arguably, providing captions for live 
audio that is part of some synchronized media presentation is slightly 
more complex than providing an alternative for live audio-only. I'd also 
argue that live audio-only (for instance, an internet radio station or 
similar) is more common than live audio as part of a synchronized media 
presentation (full-blown audio/video streamed live presentation, for 

What's the rationale for having 1.2.9 at AAA while 1.2.4 is AA?


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Received on Tuesday, 11 July 2017 12:05:09 UTC