Re: Keyboard accessible links without onclick or functioning href

On 10/07/2017 16:05, White, Jason J wrote:
> It seems that the links, as described, being incompatible with most 
> screen readers due to the lack of a click event handler, fail item 1 of 
> the definition of “accessibility supported” in WCAG 2.0. That is, they 
> aren’t meeting 2.1.1 in an accessibility-supported way. The definition 
> reads:
> “*The way that the Web content technology 
> <> is used must be supported 
> by users' assistive technology (AT).* This means that the way that the 
> technology is used has been tested for interoperability with users' 
> assistive technology in the human language(s) 
> <> of the content, […]”

Here's an admittedly fairly contrived example (and I haven't tested this 

In short, a link that has some functionality/navigation function that 
gets triggered by clicking/activating it normally. However, it also has 
some form of additional functionality that can be triggered by pressing 
the "W" key. It's in a container with role="application" to suppress 
some of the standard key behavior in Windows screen readers to an extent.

This to my mind currently passes 2.1.1 as it's keyboard operable. It 
works with some AT (at least from my limited testing with NVDA and 
JAWS). However, the extra functionality cannot be triggered by 
mouse/touchscreen/stylus users, users on mobile devices without external 
keyboard, and even - in case of iOS - some mobile device users WITH 
external keyboard.

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