Re: Objection to Adapting Text

Hi Alastair,

Okay. Your rationale makes sense to me.

Thank you very much.

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On 7/6/17, Alastair Campbell <> wrote:
> Hi Laura,
>> Alastair, would it be possible for you to incorporate Lisa's metrics into
>> your bookmarklet for testing so we can know for sure?
> It doesn't really fit, the SC (even after all the 'honing') applies to all
> text on the page.
> It doesn't differentiate between blocks of text and navigation, lists,
> headings etc.
> If we simply add a bullet about spacing around paragraphs (and/or?) sections
> /regions, we would have to create another SCs-worth of definitions to scope
> that.
> A user-side script / extension that overrides the site styles is a blunt
> tool, it doesn't know how the site is put together. If you have a look at
> the kind of nesting that happens on most websites, adding spacing to regions
> of the page is guaranteed to make things fall apart, it wouldn't help. (E.g.
> add any spacing at all to <div>s and you'd have more spacing than content!)
> I could see that adding spacing around blocks of text (e.g. paragraphs)
> could work, but as a solution it would be pretty hit-and-miss, and would
> still be hard to define.
> -Alastair

Laura L. Carlson

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