Re: What is the role of the Task Forces now that the SCs have been submitted?

Hi David
The Coga (COGnitive Accessibility)  Task Force has not finished looking at everything for our user groups. We submitted what we have now. 
Our current work includes
Research on other COGA disability groups (we picked 8 different ones to start with but, of course, there are more). We are also starting to look at emotional disabilities. As the use of Web technologies becomes more ubiquitous we also need to be able to use them in times of emotional illness, stress and crisis.
Identifying issues  - current issue papers we are working on include user testing with cognitive disabilities (including consent issues) and use of bots by COGA use groups
Identifying user needs and building a roadmap of solutions - see our work in progress at our gap-analysis table 
Working with ARIA to build the specifications of supportive semantics and user settings (will also be needed for metadata)
Support and advice for implementations for personalization, focus etc

We are also considering supportive materials such as guidelines for user agents
All the best

Lisa Seeman

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I'm wondering what the role of the task forces are, now that the Success Criteria have been submitted?

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