Re: Issue 9: Informational Graphic Contrast (Minimum)

Kathy asked:

> So are you proposing that all colors within the graphic need to meet the 4.5:1 color contrast ratio unless they meet the requirements to have a 3:1 color contrast?

Almost – if they are required for understanding they should meet the contrast requirement (4.5:1 for thin, 3:1 for ‘thick’, over 3px wide) against their surroundings.

For example, the lines in a line chart are needed for understanding, as are the axis. However, faded horizontal lines in the background of the chart are not needed for understanding.

The test page has lots of examples, it is worth checking those. Not that it should be used to understand the SC long term, but they show my interpretation (with agreement from the TF) and provide a good basis for disagreeing specifically.

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Received on Monday, 21 November 2016 14:43:58 UTC