Invitation to submit stakeholder names for Silver

The Silver Task Force invites the WCAG WG to submit names of people, 
groups, or organizations for consideration as stakeholders.  You can 
submit as many names as you want.

Please use the form to submit the names before 7 December 2016. Contact 
Jeanne Spellman or Sarah Horton (addresses below) if you have a problem 
accessing the form.

In November and December 2016, the Silver Task Force will be creating 
the Silver Stakeholder Map with input from the WCAG WG and the public.  
Stakeholders are the people, groups, or organizations who have an 
interest or a concern about Silver; those affected by the change from 
WCAG to Silver; or those who are interested observers of accessibility 
standards. The Stakeholder Map is a process to clarify and categorize 
the various stakeholders, their relationships, and their interests in 
order to build a diverse and quality resource of input into the Silver 
project.  The Stakeholder Map will be used to identify people to 
interview, survey, comment on prototypes, and generally advise the 
Silver design project.  We expect the Stakeholder Map to include a large 
number of stakeholders from around the world.

Because we wanted the ability for multiple submissions, we did not use a 
W3C WBS survey (which is limited to one submission per login).  The 
Silver Task Force plans to take the names submitted and turn them into 
the Stakeholder Map at the meetings of 12 & 13 December 2016.  When 
complete, the Stakeholder Map will be presented to the WCAG WG for 
comments and approval.

Jeanne Spellman <>
Shawn Lauriat <>
Sarah Horton <>

Received on Tuesday, 8 November 2016 15:34:54 UTC