Re: Question: testing for non-unique id values SC 4.1.1

>We ran into a page on the desktop where a left quote was used on an attribute on the HTML element along with a matching straight quote.  A desktop assistive technology couldn't see the page content correctly.   The page looked fine.

Fails 4.1.2

>On Android we ran into an issue with TalkBack where a combo box was completely invisible in Firefox.  Turns out the first item in the option list had a blank value and no label attribute.  Blank values must have a label attribute to validate.  Adding the label attribute solved the issue.

Fails 4.1.2

>Some valid nested structures even cause screen reader issues such as when explicit labels contain links -- some AT still have issues with that but it's gotten better.

Hard to tell, but sounds like 4.1.2.

Any that cause problems that do not fail under any other SC?  :)


Received on Monday, 3 October 2016 17:10:50 UTC