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Re: Question about page title and @lang on pages within iframes

From: James Nurthen <james.nurthen@oracle.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2014 09:36:44 -0700
Message-ID: <53F6201C.8020504@oracle.com>
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On 8/21/2014 9:23 AM, Alastair Campbell wrote:
> From what I understand, browsers treat an iframe as a separate page 
> for security reasons.
Doesn't this depend if the iframe is from the same origin or not? I know 
I can certainly create cross iframe javascript when the pages are being 
served from the same origin.
> Based on that, I don’t think relying on inheritance is sufficient for 
> styles, scripts or language.
The user agent still has access to the inheritance information for this 
so I'm not sure why not specifying the language of an iframe should 
cause any AT difficulty.
> However, the iframe itself can have a title (attribute), so I don’t 
> think another title (element) in the iframe source page will help 
> particularly.
Agree - I have no idea how a title element in an iframe would ever get 
communicated to a user.

I've always flagged missing TITLE elements and language attributes as 
potential violations on visible IFRAME elements but I think I have been 
doing this as I believe WCAG is unclear on this rather than based on any 
real fundamental issues which would be observed based on this.

If this could be cleared up I believe I could eliminate developers from 
doing some unnecessary work and allow them to concentrate on more real 


> -Alastair
> On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 9:54 PM, Jonathan Avila 
> <jon.avila@ssbbartgroup.com <mailto:jon.avila@ssbbartgroup.com>> wrote:
> If an HTML page can only be accessed via an iframe within another 
> document and is in the same language as the parent document – is the 
> HTML page in the iframe subject to the success criteria for page 
> titles and document language?  Are pages allowed to meet the SC via 
> inherited page titles and languages.  Any thoughts?
> Best Regards,
> Jonathan

Regards, James

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