Re: UNS: RE: UNS: WCAG considering amending F65 to NOT fail missing ALT text if title or aria-label is present

David MacDonald wrote:
> There are several fixes, here are two:
> 1) use aria-describedby insread of aria-labelledby because it maps to the
> accDescription, not the accName, so the alt gets the accName and the
> describedby gets accDescription
> 2) leave off the aria-labelledby, so the user will hear the ALT text, and
> encounter the supplementary text in the paragraph after the image.

Thanks, and if you find a suitable spot in one of our wikis that'd be 
great (if not already there somewhere). Also maybe also overviews of 
what accName/accDescription are - most designers don't think on this 
level at all.

> If the algorithm does not shift from OR to AND, then we will need to
> introduce WCAG failures for the presence of both ALT+aria-label, and
> ALT+aria-labelledby in an image.

<chair hat off> Maybe, maybe not. We really have to discuss these things 
on a case by case basis. Accessible development techniques and UA 
support are always changing, so some caution is needed - (this is part 
of the reason we are having this unforeseen @alt debate, no?). Ideally, 
the standard should define the behaviour but as we know in practice 
that's just not always the case.



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