RE: UNS: RE: UNS: Re: WCAG considering amending F65 to NOT fail missing ALT text if title or aria-label is present

Responding to no comment in particular.

The discussion about "engaging the community" is in danger of blowing out of
proportion. We all seek the opinions of others. Some of us do it on the
phone, some on Twitter, some via email, some by blog post, some in person.
We do it to understand the current industry climate, to validate our ideas,
and to seek alternative perspectives we may not have considered.

When the point of the discussion is so integral to accessibility, there is
even greater reason to seek counsel from the people whose opinions we value,
whoever and however that may be. The critical thing is that we bring that
knowledge back here for discussion. It may be a quote from another source, a
link to another source, or simply the incorporation of other opinions in an
email response. Each of those things is done on a regular basis in "on list"

May I suggest that we set aside this conversation about "engaging the
community"? We can all seek the opinions of those we believe have something
valuable to contribute, incorporate that into our responses here on list,
encourage those same people to respond formally through official channels
when the time comes, and in the meantime get back to focusing on the
proposal itself.


Received on Tuesday, 26 November 2013 09:20:54 UTC