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Hi Sailesh and all

I tested the table with NVDA, VoiceOver and Jaws and updated results after
the tables on the page below.

David MacDonald

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Survey items #9 and 11::
The comments in May 2013  were primarily influenced because of better
support for the scope attribute by JAWS and NVDA.
NVDA 2012 like JAWS read all cells marked up as TH to the left of current
cell (in column header rows) and all cells marked up as TH above current
cell for row header cells. (NVDA 2013 does not do so now) And I was using an
older version of FF in April / May.
Hence changes were suggested to H63 and H51 (survey items 9 and 11.
This comment was never submitted as a new technique but suggested a few
changes to the existing technique.
Representing it as a new technique in the survey is not appropriate. 
For H63 survey item#9: The example refers to a 'published schedule' but the
code that follows that is a contact info table.
That contact Info table is from a link of the Resources page for H63.
Here is a link to tables marked up with TH with and without the scope


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