Re: Aria-labelledby for button: AT support when button is self-identified

Hello Joseph / Alexander,
Thanks for your input / comments.
I reported the incorrect reading of buttons with aria-labelledby to and FS with reference to:
See the Add to Cart buttons in section 9 for Mini Laptop and Back To School Laptop on
Response to bug filed on
"This only occurs in browse mode. If we rendered the label as specified in
 browse mode, you would see the heading itself and then the heading content
 duplicated as part of the button, so I think the current behaviour makes
 sense. However, it should probably honour the label as specified when
 tabbing and perhaps quick navigation."

Response from Freedom Scientific:
"We have spent some time in reviewing this information, and indeed have found
that JAWS 14.0 does exhibit this behavior, however in JAWS 15.0, some of the
behavior only exists in Internet Explorer.
Our development team has added these issues to their schedule for possible
resolution for JAWS 15.0.
Thanks again for reporting these issues to us, and we apologize for any

I wrote back to FS thanking them and  urging them to include the bug fixes in next patch for JFW 14 because not all users can upgrade to a new version every time.
Thanks and regards,
Sailesh Panchang

On Wed, 9/25/13, Joseph Scheuhammer <> wrote:

 Subject: Re: Aria-labelledby for button: AT support when button is self-identified
 To: "Alexander Surkov" <>
 Cc: "Sailesh Panchang" <>, "WCAG" <>, " Formats" <>
 Date: Wednesday, September 25, 2013, 11:12 AM
 Hi Alex,
 I looked at what FF (v23.0.1) is exposing using Sailesh's
 For the first button <input>, FF exposes an accessible
 name of "Select Policy Whole Life Policy 1".  It's a
 concatenation of the value of the input and the h3 text
 referenced via aria-labelledby.
 Similarly, FF exposes, "Select Policy Term Policy 1" for the
 second button.
 > Question: AT should expose the aria-labelledby i.e. the
 h3 text and the value attribute of the button in the above
 example, right?
 The AT should relay what the browser is exposing through the
 accessibility API, or at least base their "output" on
 that.  As Alex, notes:
 > However some screen readers do "a little bit
 > more" than plain accessible name announcement,
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