Re: Landmark technique ready for survey

Good write-up. Only three points:
1. I believe NVDA supports role=application

Not All ARIA Widgets Deserve role=”application” | Articles | Accessible Culture
Example with role=application

2. It is useful to mention that a page should have only one role=main.
I think that applies to contentinfo too.
Also not every group of links on the page should have role=navigation. It should be reserved for repetitive navigational groups like main nav, left nav that need to be identified.

3. Towards the end  it may be better to reiterate  that One should still use headings, lists and other structural markup even when landmarks are used. Landmarks are interpretable by WAI-ARIA-aware assistive technologies only. They  are not exposed by browsers directly to users.

Thanks for your attention.
Sailesh Panchang

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 Subject: Re: Landmark technique ready for survey
 To: "David MacDonald" <>
 Cc: "WCAG WG" <>,
 Date: Saturday, August 17, 2013, 10:00 AM
 Thanks, David. Also, is Using ARIA landmarks to
 bypass blocks of content, and provide programmatic structure
 obsolete, or something you will get to later? I
 haven't looked closely, but it seemed very similar to
 this technique.
 On Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at
 4:56 AM, David MacDonald <>
 I’ve completed the Landmark
 technique edits and am ready to present for survey. 
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