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I think we should make a slight correction to Example 1

I would remove the id from the <p>
<p id="p1">  Seminole tax hike: ...

Aria label makes no reference to an id and i think it complicates the
example, and confuses it with describedby and labelledby

David MacDonald

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            Including those with disabilities

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Hi y'all,

Apologies for late agenda.The Joint WCAG & PF Task Force for HTML5 and
WAI-ARIA WCAG Techniques will be meeting on Monday 14th January, 2013 at
17:00 UTC, 3 AM Eastern Australia, 6 PM CET, 12 Noon EDT, 9AM PDT, 6PM IST


1) Actions for dealing with technique feedback.
2) Progressing the new 'User Agent Testing Methodology and Notes' 
document. [1]


Call Details:

2013-01-07, 17:00Z (for 60 minutes) - 4 AM Eastern Australia, 6 PM CET,
12 Noon EDT, 9AM PDT
Dial the Zakim bridge using either SIP or the PSTN.
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