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tabindex tecnique for html5

From: adam solomon <adam.solomon2@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011 17:58:30 +0300
Message-ID: <CALKv3=hsynFLtnSeAHJpByzjfh7M9dP97V11DACJq2sQFfOVXQ@mail.gmail.com>
To: Loretta Guarino Reid <lorettaguarino@google.com>, WCAG <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>
Re the proposed technique for html5 tabindex:
I think using a tabs control was suggested as an example for this technique.
I am wary of using such an example for the following reason: in a normal
tabs control, the tabs headers should be sending focus to the appropriate
tab content region, which means that the headers should have an interactive
element in them, such as a button or a link, which would then allow them to
gain focus without the use of the tabindex attribute. The example Jon gave
me (though I can't find the link) is basically a tabs-like control -
something like http://oaa-accessibility.org/example/34/
This uses ARIA and I think we are trying to stay away from ARIA in the html5
techs and remain with native code whenever possible. So if anyone has a
different example let me know.
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