France is updating their public sector Web Accessibility requirements to WCAG 2.0

Just got this from a colleague in France.

The decree has passed a few weeks ago that the new version on the RGAA
(Adminisitration Accessibility General Referential) based on WCAG 2.0 will
be the official reference for public sector in France.

The PDF version in French is available here:
3 PDFs on the right of the page for for the V2 of this RGAA, updated with
the WCAG 2.0
- General rules
- Success criterias
- Unitary Tests

Has anyone else heard of this and compared it to WCAG 2.0 to see if there
are any differences resulting in unique requirements or WCAG 1.0-like
technology restrictions for France?

There is a French translation of WCAG 2.0 at:


Received on Monday, 29 June 2009 14:30:08 UTC