A Web based DFXP Captioning Tool

I would like to point out a Web based captioning Tool: Subtitle Horse.
It allows you to easily subtitle movies on the fly.
It is possible to easily integrate the Tool in your video-Cms.

It is similar to other Web based captioning Tools (e.g.
Overstream, Dotsub, Bubbleply, Asterpix, Stormberry, CaptionTube...),
but Subtitle Horse is the only one that allows to generate captions in
W3C DFXP format (it also supports Srt, Subviewer, Encore).

Here is how it works in my accessible Video Share:

This is the author's website:

The author is working to a new version, improving some usability issues.

Best regards,
Roberto Ellero

Received on Tuesday, 2 June 2009 14:26:39 UTC