Action 19: discouraging image replacement

I had an action item [1] to discourage the use of image replacement, and encourage the use of real text.

Add to C30, at the end of the description:
Please note that it is a better practice to use real text, which the user agent can resize and re-color, rather than images of text.  While this technique does meet the success criterion, it will be less usable for some users than providing real text.

While looking at this, I also noticed that C30 is about allowing users to customize the image of text.  Since customization is an exception in 1.4.5 that is not in 1.4.9, I think that C30 should not be sufficient for 1.4.9.  What do others think of this?



Received on Friday, 3 April 2009 01:28:27 UTC