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RE: Comments on Alternate Versions Notes

From: Bailey Bruce <Bailey@Access-Board.gov>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 08:42:36 -0400
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To: "WCAG" <w3c-wai-gl@w3.org>

I regard Andi's comments as being compatible with my own submitted three
weeks ago.

I note with some chagrin that only my *minor* editorial comments have
been incorporated.  I do not recall my other suggestions even being
brought up in survey.  Since a couple of those were just filling in
blanks, similar to what Andi does below, the oversight strikes me as
unnecessarily prejudicial.

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Subject: Comments on Alternate Versions Notes

Here are my comments on the Alternate Versions Conformance Requirement:

Under Option 1:

- Advantages: I think the advantage to the author with this approach is
that where possible, it is easy to do.
- Disadvantages: To the user, it could be difficult to find the link to
the conforming version

Under Option 3::

- User Advantages: For the user, it is easy to find the alternate
version when navigating the website because links to both versions are
in the same location. Also, this is an improvement over the current
situation where authors can provide the links to accessible versions in
some obscure page on the website that users will not be able to find
even when navigating the website and encountering the non-conforming
- Author Advantages: I think the current wording of the author advantage
is biased against this technique ("provides the author with the most
freedom"). Replace the text with something more objective like "Easy for
authors to implement." There may also be an advantage in maintaining the
site. With this technique, it is more obvious to the person maintaining
the site that there are multiple versions of content. This may make it
easier for them to realize that all versions need to be kept in sync. I
can see things falling through the cracks with some of the other
techniques where there may be an alternate version in the directory but
it's not obvious to the webmaster that if they get an update to one
version, they also need to request an update to the other version(s).

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