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I joined the call late, and this may already have been discussed.
These are techniques that are currently employed by blogs for

Markdown - pretty much how the wiki worked, where formatted text is
converted into appropriate markup. The wiki might have failed on that
part, but that's what a lot of people with blogs that want to ensure
added content is accessible. This technique can also automatically
convert ASCII art, such as smilies, into images with appropriate alt
text, and automatically markup abbreviations and definitions used in
the content.

Moderation - comments are withheld until they've been reviewed to
ensure there are no accessibility issues. Once moderated, the comments

Contain a statement containing the policy for adhering to the
website's accessibility guidelines for all non-contracted
contributors, who have to confirm they have read the statement and
agree to conform to the guidelines before being able to submit the
content (I know this is weak, and would probably never be read by
contributors, but it shows intent)

Would following those steps not offer a way for people to conform to
the guidelines when they have non-contracted content?

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