RE: nbsp ok for decorative alt?

Michael cooper said:
no negative effect that I know of

How about fact that it appears visually as [] on mouse over in IE?

It is a simple mathematical fact that alt=" " is not empty. It is a sting of
length one consisting of the space character. So, repeating, it is not empty
alt-text. It is not null alt-text. It is alt-text consisting of one
character and should not be a recommended technique in the case you want
empty alt text. It is sloppy thinking!

However that does not stop someone from enhancing their text view by using
alt=" " as Michael suggests. In other words it is ok to use alt=" " if you
have a reason for doing so but should not be recommended for "empty or null

Oh well, I do have a thing about the importance of alt=""!

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Received on Monday, 10 April 2006 16:54:56 UTC