Guideline 3.2 issues and proposals survey


I've just completed a survey for Guideline 3.2 on behalf of Team A [1].

It includes a few propped changes related to definitions and revisions 
to the success criteria in guideline 3.2 as well as proposals to close 
all remaining open issues.

The proposed changes to the success criterion and definitions are listed 
below and the issue summary that the rest of the survey covers is 
available at [2].

Proposal 1: Revise 3.2 Level 3 SC1

Proposed SC: Text alternatives for non-text content that appears on 
multiple delivery units are consistent.

Current SC: Graphical components that appear on multiple pages, 
including graphical links, are associated with the same text equivalents 
wherever they appear.

Proposal 2: Add a definition of "focus" that reads:

     The component that is currently selected.

Proposal 3: Revise definition of "change in context" to read:

change of context
     change of user agent, viewport, or focus; or a change of content 
that changes the meaning of the delivery unit.

Note: a change of context should not be confused with change of content. 
Small changes in content, such as an expanding outline or dynamic menu, 
do not change the context.

Please submit responses in preparation for tomorrow's call.




Ben Caldwell | <>
Trace Research and Development Center <>

Received on Wednesday, 28 September 2005 18:00:24 UTC