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Good questions all

My take is marked [GV] below


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1.) Example guide document for 1.1 L1 SC1 [1]

Regarding "Situation A (...) Situation B (...)": some success criteria
cover different types of scenarios rather than situations; for example,
changes of context can be caused by redirects, pop-ups, scripts rewriting
most of the content, ...
This means that some guidelines will talk about different situations,
others about different scenarios, and still others about different
situations that apply to specific scenarios.

[GV: the term 'situation' was meant to cover differed situations of all
types including scenarios.  If we can think of a better cover term that is
fine.  The idea though is to provide different options (or any known
options) for different circumstances.   Is circumstance a better word?  ] 

Regarding the content: "Failure due to using filenames as
When different versions of icons (different formats and/or sizes) are
for download, would filenames be acceptable?
Of course, the alt text should not contain the full path if image files are
in a different directory.  

[GV: If the icons are not otherwise described - I think the alt text should
be a short description of the look of the icon.   The function of the icons
in that case is their look or appearance I believe. ] 


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