Re: Proposal to modify GL 3.1 L3 SC3 - including definitions

Hi, Christophe,
Thanks for the clarifications and new proposals. 
<Christophe proposals>

initialism - the unpronounceable shortened form of a name or phrase
made from the initial letters of words or syllables contained in that
name or phrase.  Not defined in all languages. SNCF
is a French initialism that contains the initial letters of the Societe
National des Chemins de Fer, the French national railroad. ESP
is an initialism for extrasensory perception.

abbreviation 1. The shortened form of a word. 2. Shortened form 
of a word, phrase or name, i.e. a general category that includes 
abbreviations (1), initialisms and acronyms.
</Christophe proposals>

I did not see a new proposal for acronym but you did make some comments 
about it.  I have updated the definition.  Is this acceptable?
<updated proposal>
acronym -  An abbreviation made from the initial letters of a name or 
phrase that contains several words. Many acronyms can be pronounced as 
words.  Defined differently in different languages.  For example, NOAA is 
an abbreviation made from the initial letters of the National Oceanic and 
Atmospheric Administration in the United States.
</updated proposal>

(note to self - never volunteer to write definition again! <grin>)

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