Test Example for GL 3.2 L2 SC3

At the September 15, 2005 call we discussed Guideline 3.2.  I had some 
concerns about the Level 2 Success Criteria #3, Changing the setting of 
any input field does not automatically cause a change of context  [1].  My 
concern was that web applications created for data entry  which provide 
automatic cursor movement from field to field might not be allowed by this 
success criteria. 

I have attached an example which I believe does not violate this success 
criteria. This example is a simple form for entering US phone numbers. All 
of the numbers have a 3 digit area code followed by a 3 digit prefix and 
finally a four digit number.   This form is set up so that the user does 
not have to tab from item to item. When you complete the entry of one 
field and enter the first digit of the next field, the focus automatically 
moves to the next field.  You can also press tab to move from field to 
field and you can press shift-tab to move between the fields and can edit 
any field.   With this example the user can press tab to move from field 
to field or can just continue to type digits without pressing tab and the 
cursor will automatically move to the next field.  I tested this with JAWS 
6.2 and WE 5.5 Beta with IE 6 and it works properly.  Due to way that Home 
Page Reader works with fields, there is no optimization of movement and 
the user must use tab to move from field to field. 

I do not believe that this example violates the success criteria because 
the input of data into the field has been completed before the focus is 
changed but would like to clarify that with the group.   I do not wish to 
discuss the particular merits of this example.  I know some people 
strongly object to the auto movement of the cursor. I am not advocating 
this on a public web site (although I have seen it used).  This type of 
behavior would be designed for a specific application where the users 
would receive training in its use.   For a data entry application it could 
be helpful to eliminate extra keystrokes and thus I feel it should not be 
prevented by any success criteria.

[1] http://www.w3.org/TR/WCAG20/#consistent-behavior-unpredictable-change

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