RE: Replace 'functionality' with 'function(s)'

The reason for the different words was that 

Functionality would include text and anything else that served a purpose or

However, when you use the word 'function' or 'functions' some people
envision buttons and active elements. 

However I see your point.  And it they all seem the same to you then we
probably need to either use the simpler form - or, if that isn't accurate,
find other words to express this. 

Thanks for the pointer.   We'll have to look at each occurrence and see what
we need to do to make its meaning clear.    


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Maybe this was already discussed before I joined the working group, but I
wonder why we don't replace "functionality" with "function" or "functions"?
Functionality is defined as
   "capable of serving a purpose well" (WordNet 2.0) or as
   "waffle for 'features' or 'function'. The capabilities or behaviours
   of a program, part of a program, or system, seen as the sum of its
   features." (FOLDOC).

I can't find any guideline or success criterion where this replacement does
not make sense, and the result is always more readable.
After all, we don't say: "If it walks like waterfowl and quacks like
waterfowl..." when we really mean a duck ;-)


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