Re: Joe Clarks comments on TABINDEX from August 17

> Although I explained this at the Face to Face meeting, there is a
> fundamental accessibility problem with HTML. Only form and anchor elements
> can receive focus.

I know it's a problem.

> HTML makes it impossible for them to make these rich applications 
> accessible.

Things will be somewhat different for XHTML due to the different 
definitions of tabindex.

Cf. <>

But only somewhat.

I am merely saying that the tabindex spec, which has lots of deficiencies, 
should not have been busted so blithely. Essentially, the argument is that 
two wrongs make a right.

If people are willing to put in all this effort to fix one problem 
(arguably a small one), then why aren't you fixing all the other problems? 
If you're making a new DTD for tabindex, why aren't you including embed in 
it, or multiple instances of form labels? Why, in short, is your fix so 

Again, Cf. <>.


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