Re: [TECHS] Draft Scripting Technique for DHTML Menus

Hi Becky,

Since a number of scripting techniques will refer to examples elsewhere
and state accessibility requirements, the testing procedures will be
very important. This category of techniques seems to say: "There are a
number of examples for this technique available on the web (some of which
are listed here), we don't provide 'cut and paste' code, so here are the
requirements and here are the tests you need to do before using the
code on your web site."
This format is different from what we use in HTML Techniques, so it would
be a good idea to explain the importance of testing in the introduction
to the Scripting Techniques document.
Also, for the examples that we don't link to or describe, there is no
baseline information, so developers will have to figure that out on
their own.


Christophe Strobbe

At 22:50 23/08/2005, wrote:
>Attached is a draft scripting technique for creating DHTML menus.   I
>wanted to provide an example technique that did not contain example code
>so we could review the format.   Also, I am looking for another good
>example of DHTML menus to include and would appreciate any links people
>have to examples that work with the keyboard and screen reader.  This is a
>rough draft but comments are always appreciated!
>   (note that this example relies on stylesheets from the W3C site).
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