Techniques harvesting

I have gone through the meeting minutes from the three meetings in June [1], [2], [3] at which we harvested techniques for each of the guidelines. I tried to organize them into technologies: General, HTML, CSS, Script, and "other" - the last category including things like server-side techiques, and technologies like SMIL and SVG. 

Note that as we were harvesting techniques we were doing it in the context of a particular success criterion, which is where each technique is mapped. Often we thought suggested techniques might map to other success criteria as well, but we weren't able to capture that information reliably so I ommitted those notes from this. 

The collected mapping is available at the following two URLs. The first one is a table aligning techniques, technologies, and success critiera. The second is a list that groups techniques by technology, which I think might be easier for people wanting to focus on a specific technology to use.

I apologize for any errors, and will do my best to fix them if you spot something.



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