RE: [techs] Table Summary Tests (111, 112, 113, 114, 203)

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Has anyone checked with Freedom, sent them an email or asked them to
participate? Is there a coordinated effort to work with the AT community?
Based on what I know of the group, it is a goal, but one we don't always

Roberto Scano:
I think that since 1997 that exist the possibility to partecipate, anyone
don't permit to Freedom Scientific (or any other AT vendor) to partecipate.
Remember that there are also mailing lists (public and also this one) where
they can send proposals/etc.

Bob Regan:
That said, it is not reasonable for the group to simply compile a list of
changes for Freedom Scientific (or any other AT vendor) and hand it over
when WCAG2 is complete. 

Roberto Scano:
We are talking of wrong/missing application of WCAG 1.0 (1999), and we are
in 2005.... Also this is a specific AT, and I think we need to focus on the
general problems: if we start to discuss about Jaws Version xyz, WindowEye
XYZ, Acme XYZ product we will go out of our charter:


The WCAG WG's scope of work includes:

* Advance WCAG 2.0 to a W3C Recommendation 
* Develop techniques for implementing the WCAG 2.0 in W3C Recommendations
(such as XHTML, SMIL, SVG, and MathML) as well as ECMAScript 
* Develop a test suite for WCAG 2.0 in coordination with other WAI Working
* Document implementation testing experience of WCAG 2.0 

So, for example, we cannot develop techniques for elements that are not
inside W3C Reccomendations.

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