RE: [TECHS] Use of anchor tags to invoke JavaScript

>>Why not:
>>  <a onclick="doSomething();return false;">Action link</a>
>>I don't know what different user agent would do with this.  It is 
>>possible that it wouldn't be in the tab order unless a tabindex was 
>>also added.  Just a thought...
>...Adding the tabindex="0" attribute did not solve the problem since 
>older browsers did not include it in the tab order thus there is no 
>keyboard focus.

tabindex="0", by spec, means the same as having no tabindex at all.


>     2. Those elements that do not support the tabindex attribute or
>        support it and assign it a value of "0" are navigated next. These
>        elements are navigated in the order they appear in the character
>        stream.


I am aware that other researchers at IBM are attempting to rewrite 
the tabindex spec to match Microsoft's contradiction of same, but 
this seems to be a case where the spec must be followed as written.


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