RE: [TECHS] Use of anchor tags to invoke JavaScript

<a href="javascript:doSomething();">Action Link</a> 
<a href="javascript:;" onclick="doSomthing();">Action Link</a> 
<a href="javascript:doSomething();" onclick="doSomthing();return
false;">Action Link</a> 
<a href="#" onclick="doSomething();return false;">Action Link</a> 
<a href="/" onclick="doSomthing();return false;"><Action Link</a> 
Why not:
 <a onclick="doSomething();return false;">Action link</a>
I don't know what different user agent would do with this.  It is
possible that it wouldn't be in the tab order unless a tabindex was also
added.  Just a thought...

Received on Tuesday, 16 August 2005 22:42:46 UTC