RE: Tests 186, 187, 188, 189,

Good catch John,


These are tests - not requirements.     The only place we can have 'must' or
implied 'must' is in guidelines because that is the only doc with
requirements.  Everything else is information or facts. 



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Thanks for the review, David.


I agree with David's recommendations, but propose the following changes:


- replace each instance of the phrase "must have" with "has"

- replace each instance of "must not" with "does not"



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I had an action item to review HTML tests 186-189. 


*	LABEL must not <>
contain INPUT. 
*	INPUT element <>
must have only one associated LABEL. 
*	LABEL must <>
contain text. 
*	LABEL must <>
describe its associated control. 


I've reviewed the files, checked them through AT, and consulted other
opinions of professionals in the field.


Here are my recommendations:


Accept test 186    


An interesting thing is that in the passing test file, once you enter forms
mode in JAWS, you must enter something into the field in order to back out
of the page.  You can't back out of the page (using the back button) if you
enter and exit forms mode without putting something in the field. Because it
backs into the form field and then cannot back out of it. This I think is a
bug in JAWS.


Accept test 187



Accept test 188


Accept Test 189







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