action item: mapping WCAG 1.0 CP 7.5 (auto-redirect) to WCAG 2


In last Thursday's telecon, some people found that WCAG 1.0 CP 7.5 ("Until 
user agents provide the ability to stop auto-redirect, do not use markup to 
redirect pages automatically. Instead, configure the server to perform 
redirects.") should map to WCAG 2.0 GL 3.2 rather than WCAG 2.0 GL 2.2 L1 
SC1 (or to both?).
I have created a page that lists several types of auto-redirect and links 
to examples for each of these, and described browser behaviour in a small 
number of browsers (namely whether the auto-redirect "breaks the Back 
button"). See
Some of these methods specify a time out (which is relevant to WCAG 2.0 GL 
2.2 L1 SC1) and some don't.
- Since these methods are known, the redirect can be programmatically 
determined (WCAG 2.0 GL 3.2 L1 SC1). (If auto-redirects can be implemented 
with Flash or Java applets, these cannot be considered as "programmatically 
- If there is no timeout, the change of context happens immediately after a 
user action (WCAG 2.0 GL 3.2 L3 SC2), but if there is a timeout, there is a 
delay between the user's action and the change of context, and there are 
two changes of context instead of just one.
So it appears that most redirects are not covered by GL 2.2, and that 
auto-redirect without a timeout is covered by GL 3.2 L1 SC1.


Christophe Strobbe

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