Re: Balancing the myth-busting

>In passing I find it interesting to note this from the Juicy Studio article:
>>This document declares a DOCTYPE of HTML 4.01 Strict, which does 
>>not support the target attribute on links. The following link has a 
>>target attribute that has been added through DOM injection ... "
>And the validator finds no errors on the page, since the validator 
>does not support Javascript - naturally - and hence see the 
>*original*, target-less, source.

The validator's limitations make its results incorrect. Hence it is 
exactly the sort of edge case Gez's document was intended to test.

>Given time, we'll have a closer look at Juicy Studios test 
>documents, and run them through our own siteSifter system. I'm 
>fairly certain that it will prove interesting.

And I trust you will fully and accurately report the results even if 
your product is as bad as the others.


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