Re: Exploding the myth of automated accessibility checking

Here is the page listing the WCAG2 test suite status:

About half of these tests that have reached the status of "accepted" or 
"pending" can be performed reliably by machines. For example, test number 1 
"all img elements have an alt attribute" [1] is machine testable.

The other half of the tests require human judgment. For example, test number 
178 "alt text conveys the same information as the image" [2].

It's a common misconception that the test suite is oriented towards machine 
tests. Please do not contribute to this misconception. Both human and 
machine tests are important and have their place in accessibility testing.

The test suite is still under development and I look forward to your 
suggestions and contributions.



Received on Tuesday, 9 August 2005 13:34:22 UTC