Re: WCAG review 1 - making content clear and futtcher proofing

> Which (X)HTML elements *in use today* would unambiguously provide that 
> programmatic determination? (Do not respond that WCAG2 must be 
> technology-neutral; if you can't make a guideline work today, your 
> guideline *doesn't work*.)
<em> tag would do it
Simple and easy

>> Issue 4: Re: A mechanism is available for identifying specific
>> definitions of words used in an unusual or restricted way, including
>> idioms and jargon. [I]
>> Lisa: I would add the word confusing so that it reads "words used in an
>> unusual, confusing or restricted way"
> Guidelines requiring definitions must be eliminated. They aren't the 
> author's responsibility. You got a problem with a word, *you* look it up.
I do not understand this - text can be confusing without being  used in 
an unusual or restricted way. I wanted to include the extra case of 


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