Re: wcag review 2

>     Issue 1
>     re: Level 2 and Level 3 Success Criteria for Guideline 1.4 - Re: Text
>     and diagrams and audio that are presented over  color or image or
>     pattern of lines etc -
> Lisa: it seems a bit hard and inconsistent to make high contrast a
> requirement even when the user gent can easily tern off the background
> picture or lines etc.

It is not true that the user agent can "easily" turn them off. That would 
require de-loading a certain image file, which may be specified using CSS 
background properties.

> Issue 3:
> re: More than one way is available to locate content within a set of
> delivery units. [V]
> Lisa: I found this  unclear, and potentially  not very useful. Repeating
> the same link in a footer, as was in the menu bar is typical , adds
> clutter to the page, and does not help accessibility.

Informatl usability studies of sites that offer a near-complete footer on 
every page (Flickr is an example, also Xplane's Xblog) show that people 
find it handy. Something at the bottom of a page is pretty easy to ignore.


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