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The last comment for this bug says:
Resolved by definition of text included in the 30 June 2005 Working Draft-
"A sequence of characters. Characters are those included in the Unicode/ISO/IEC
106464 repertoire. Refer to Characters (in Extensible Markup Language (XML) 
for more information about the accepted character range."

However, the resolution from the 9 June telecon reads:
"A sequence of characters. Characters are those included in the Unicode / 
ISO / IEC 106464 repertoire." 
Moreover, in the GL 1.1 questionnaire (beginning of June:, the rationale 
said: "The definition that was adopted at the 28 April 2005 telecon 
referenced XML 1.1. Mailing list discussion raised concerns about backwards 
compatibility of XML 1.1. Therefore, removed the reference to XML 1.1."

So, the current definition is NOT what we agreed on. Can we open a bug to 
address this issue?

In the GL 1.1 questionnaire, I also proposed a clarification:
"The character set of a delivery unit should be a subset of Unicode, but it 
is not necessary to use a character set that defines the same mappings 
between characters and codepoints as Unicode."
Since I missed a large part of the 9 June telecon, I don't know if this was 



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