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At 19:34 15/07/2005, Neil Whiteley wrote:
>Principle 1. Content must be able to work with current and future
>Concerning the 4 Principals overall, how is the keyword *must* being
>interpreted? Is it understood to mean the same as *MUST* in accordance with
>RFC 2119 [RFC2119] <>  or is it
>definitely a *must* as sometimes interpreted as an RFC2119 *MAY*?

This is the text of the principle, not of a success criterion, so I think
this is less critical here.

>If it is really a *MUST* then it should be capitalised and there needs to be
>a reference somewhere within the documents back to RFC2119.
>If it is really a *must* then it becomes ambiguous. In this case however, I
>propose that all 4 Principals (taking into account Johns proposal) could be
>written thus:
>1. Content is perceivable
>2. User interface components in the content are operable
>3. Content and controls are understandable
>4. Content is able to work with current and future technologies

The principles are high-level and rather abstract guiding rules; they are not
sufficiently atomic to make wording with RFC 2119 keywords worthwhile.
Moreover, conformance is defined with regard to success criteria, not
principles. That said, I can live with a change from "must" to "is/are",
but I prefer the current wording.


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